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Séverine Barbe, dedicated to Well-being and... care


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Sessions (WE / week) :
Body and Mind Harmony (Yoga & Meditation)
Dynamic & tonic (Pilates & Hiking)
Wellness Session (Relaxation)
Well-being (Hiking & Meditation)
Massage Training
Bouddhism initiation, Yoga & Meditation (english/french)

Listening to your needs and goals

Somatotherapist (therapy based on the connection between body and emotions), Massage Practitioner and Sports Instructor (or wellness coach), has been working for 20 years.

Body psychotherapy, through introspection, develops self awareness. By exploring one’s difficulties, one’s limits, in order to change and find one’s own potential (existential hardships, physical symptoms, stress, tiredness, failures, emotional difficulties…)
The person considered with full respect and professional discretion, is able to be more autonomous and make better choices.

Well-being massage is based on Californian and Swedish massage, reflexology, Corean relaxation : relaxing, develops harmony, revitalazing, energizing… My twenty year experience of this ancestral art allows me to practice through intuition, by being present and attentive to the person’s body, and care for his/her needs.

Well-being sessions (yoga, pilates, stretching, gentle gym, relaxation) help to strengthen deep muscles by improving joints and column vertebrae flexilibility, bringing a full relaxation. Lessons are individual, in small groups or collective.

Sessions adjust to each person, according to his/ her needs and goals, with respect and mutual and shared trust.

Whatever the technique used, regular practice is necessary for more benefits.
Feel free to come and try to check what suits you best.

WHO defines health as follows : « A complete physical, mental and social wellness and is not only a lack of illness and disablement ». 1946
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