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Somatotherapy, Well-being massage, Yoga, Pilates in Albi, Tarn


Séverine Barbe, dedicated to Well-being and... care

WHO defines health as follows :

« A complete physical, mental and social wellness

and is not only a lack of illness and disablement ». 1946

Yoga / Pilates / Relaxation / Meditation adapted for all & to every pethology

Companies Chair Massage, on an ergonomic chair

Massages with essential oils

Somatotherapy / therapy based on the connection between body, mind & emotions

Individual / Collective

At the homes / Companies

Sejour by theme (WE / Week)


Listening to your needs and goals


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Séverine Barbe - phone: +33 (0)620 987 500 - e-mail : severinebarbe64@gmail.com - website : www.severine-barbe.fr
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